Polymer Clay Ornaments: Candy Canes

Candy canes are lots of fun but lets face it they discolor and you have to buy new ones to decorate with each year and worry about animals eating them too.

candy cane polymer clay ornaments

Why not make some that are everlasting and can even be washed without fading? This is a fun project to get the kids involved in; they are easy to make and look great, too! You don’t need a lot of polymer clay for this project–a little goes a long way. You can also make fun jewelry.

candy cane earrings

Check out the video to learn how to get started making your own polymer clay ornaments!

U2255_COVER.inddIlysa Ginsburg is one of the authors of Polymer Clay Art Jewelry. To see more of Ilysa’s work you can visit her websites at http://www.emeraldearth.com or http://www.craftylink.com

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