Zentangle Patterns Tutorial: Honeycomb


Zentangle Untangled is the first full-length title focused completely on the exciting medium of Zentangle! Known to some as the “doodling” process, Zentangle is perfect for artists of all skill levels. Through repetitive patterns, you’ll achieve focus & relaxation as well as exciting art pieces. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make the “Honeycomb” pattern created by Kass Hall.

(This tutorial was previously published in the book Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall, copyright, 2012; republished here courtesy of createmixedmedia.com.)

I designed Honeycomb when I wanted to create a background for an artwork.It took some working out, but I think it’s a fantastic tangle that can be easily adapted to create something unique in your work.

Materials Needed:

  • Sakura Pigma Micron pen (.01 Black)
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Fabriano Tiepolo Printmaking paper (3 1/2″ [8.9 cm] tile)

Step 1:

Create your pencil border on your Zentangle tile.





Zentangle Honeycomb step 2

Step 2:

Draw evenly spaced lines across the tile—about 5 should fit nicely, but this will depend on how big you want your honeycomb to be. Then turn your tile 90 degrees and draw lines across to give your tile a “square brick” appearance.



Zentangle Untangle Honeycomb Step 3

Step 3:

Across each row, connect the bottom third of each vertical line to the corners of the square beneath it. The pattern will begin to look like roofs on houses. Do this to all of the squares.




Zentangle Honeycomb step 4Step 4:

Turn the tile 180 degrees. Repeat step 3. You’ll see a zigzag effect take
shape across your tile.




Zentangle Honeycomb Step 5Step 5:

Fill in the zigzag effect as desired. My suggestion is to solidly color one direction and put a pattern (I’ve used fine lines) in the other.




Zentangle Untangled step 6Step 6:

Shade as desired. I suggest choosing one part of each shape (for example, the left-hand side) and shade that area in each hexagon.




Zentangle UntangledFrom the book Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall, 2012; courtesy of createmixedmedia.com.

To learn more about or purchase Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall, click here.

To learn more about Kass Hall, you can visit her website at KassHall.com



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