A Brand-New Podcast with Stampington Editor-in-Chief Christen Olivarez

This time we’re not even going to *try* to link the podcast to the photo, OK? Last week it gave me all kinds of fits, so we’ll just do it this way.


In this podcast, Editor-in-Chief of Stampington magazine, Christen Olivarez talks more about where she looks online for new art, something she talked about in this post I did a while back about where the top editors hunt online for new work and where, therefore, you might want to focus your energy, rather than trying to keep and update a dozen different venues. Or spending another second updating your MySpace page. I’m sorry to keep ragging on MySpace, but, you know: gah.

Christen also talks about a couple of books she’s read lately and loved, so you might want to have a pencil handy to jot down those titles for your next trip to your library.


To find out more about Christen, you can visit her blog, The Deliberate Life, and here’s a link to her magazines.


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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