Art is…You Podcast

Sallianne and Ellen are the organizers of the much-loved East Coast art retreat Art Is. . .You. This September, they hit the road and take the retreat to the West Coast, to Petaluma, California. The Ever-Gorgeous Earl and I (Ricë Freeman-Zachery) have been invited to attend, so of course I wanted to find out more about this retreat I’ve heard so much about. So I called up Ellen and Sallianne, with her fabulous Australian accent. Go to their website,, to see photos, register for workshops, and find out more about all their retreats.


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One Response to Art is…You Podcast

  1. Cat Kerr says:

    What is it that happens to people when they go to Art is You? When Sal and Ellen answered this question I started to cry…I attended my first retreat last Oct and I still choke up thinking about it…like so many of us…we found our sisterhood,our tribe.Those that get us,that understand us when most only pretend to.I am so moved and thankful that somehow,someway,I found my way home.