Editor Profile: Tonia Jenny

Tonia Jenny (formerly Tonia Davenport) is the acquisitions editor and senior content developer for North Light Mixed Media. She is also a mixed-media artist and a jewelry designer. Tonia has authored two North Light titles or her own: Frame It! and Plexi Class and she is also the editor of Mixed-Media Paint Box. When she’s not making art, cooking, reading or doodling, you can always find her on Facebook.

Since acquiring her first book nearly eight years ago, Tonia has helped to make North Light at Create Mixed Media the leader in mixed-media inspiration. Her vision for each project begins by getting to know the passions and strengths of the artist, laying the foundation for the best book, video or blog series possible. She then works with her North Light “family” of developers and designers to develop a project that not only engages you, but also is a direct reflection of the artist.

Tonia’s favorite part about her job comes working with so many talented artists. “Each time I get to work with an artist/author on a book, it’s like having my own private workshop, and I love learning new art-making techniques that I then can later use in my own creative work.”

Q: What’s your current favorite, can’t-live-without-it tool?
A: My C-Thru ruler with metal cutting edge. Must. Make. Straight. Square. Lines. . .

Q: What’s your favorite place in all the world?
A: Anyplace where I can enjoy a good meal and wine with the companionship of a good friend. Otherwise, Cannon Beach, OR or Sedona, AZ.

Q: When is your favorite time of day?
A: 5:00am—the rest of the world is asleep and I have it all to myself.

Q: What is your first memory?
A: Running, laughing, splashing through the tide on the coast of Connecticut. My Mom tells me there was an oil slick there and she was trying to keep me out of it, but I don’t remember that.

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for artists?
A: Only you create from the place that is you.

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