Incite 4: Relax, Restore, Renew – Winners!

incite 4,, and North Light Books are pleased to announce the artists and artwork selected to be featured in the Incite 4: Relax, Restore, Renew book! We look forward to learning more about the artists and how they use art to relax, restore or renew!



(Listed alphabetically by artist’s last name. Winners have been notified by email; please email if you see your name but have not received an email.)

Artist Name Art Title(s)
Abrahams, Alayne Wishing on a Star
Alban, Lee Dreams Are Wiser Than Men
Allen, Mark Fairy Tale Castle
Anderson, Melanie Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat
Yin and Yang
Anderson, Nany Ever Mindful
Inner Eye
Within Ourself
Bandinskaite, Gintare Miss Universe
Barclay, David Cello I
Barrett, Marybeth Pumpkin Patch
Becker, Chelsey Gold Lining: Myself and Jared
Berry, Carolyn Port-A-Cath
Boltong, Gaye Changing Colours
Cameron, Kathy Childhood Voyages
Carpenter, Orin Inspiration
Carr, Barb Titanium Buff
Cetrulo, Christine Mother Earth: Her Evolving Face
Check, Jim Moonlight Aspens
Chowdhury, Anannya Cheery Festive
Constantine, Kathy City of My Dreams
Constantine The Reading Room
Cyr, Lisa L. Juliette’s Song
DeCastro, Lois Bloom
Rain Today
Delger, Gail Fish House
The Bird Whisperer
Domville, Gabriela Growing Pains
Domville Planting
Estrin, Stephanie Pieces of You
The Heart Knows
Evans, Janice Meditation on a Woman’s Life
Fee, Wendy Currents
Ferguson, Kathy Hamsa
Gabiou, Joyce August Heat
Gao, Sebrina The Returned
Germann, Jenny Boothbay at Dusk
From the Water
Griffin, Jean As They Float Away
Grilli, Sue In Hopes of Spring
Grunau, Mel Pieces of pieces
Hallgarth, Monte San Diego Roadster
Heller, Joanna Atmospheric #6 Lime Lake
Hogue, Stacey Sailing For Home
Holtz, Cheryl Meditation Mantra: Monarch
Honstead, Terry Prayer For All
Stand Up And Shine
The Elephant Watches
House, Jeanette She Was Such a Deer
Jackson, Michele Friendship
Jackson, Peggy Earth Angel
Johnson, Emanda You are Amazing! (Quilted QR Code)
Jones, Paula Angel of Many Colors
We Are All in This Together
Joseph, Therese Lydia In Touch
Jozwiak, Bev Little Red in Pink
The Traffic Cop
Judd, Amanda Heart
Kovan, Jessica The Creative Life
Lachhwani, Karishma A New Home
Lagana, Randy The Next Phase
Lathrop, Chris Sheep Paddock
LeBeau, Suzanne Poppy Field
Lein-Svencner, Laura Cradled in Love
Embrace the White
Lenny, Deborah Not My Fuchsia
Littlewarrior, Nadiya Hummingbird’s Ladder
Lucking, Jan After Midnight We Are Gonna Let It All Hang Out
Time Alone Will Tell the Story
MacDiarmid, Sandra Broken Circles
Madore, Rick Imprisoned 3
Magliacano, Dawna Hungry Red Bear
Room Between Waters
The Quest
Up All Night
Mahoney, Denise Cormier Awaken
Weaving & Harvesting Beauty
Maimon, Yael Quick Nap
Two Orange Cats #3
Matsumoto, Ryota Stretched into an Infinite Vapor of Spectral Resonance
Those Who Affirm the Spontaneity of Every Event
Matuschka, Angela Cats-Dala
McCulloch, Kirstin Spring on a Cold Winter’s Day
McDonough, Raven Skye Urban Meditation
McElroy, Darlene Olivia In the Company of Crows
Playing on Key
McGill, Denise Anika
Mille, Laly Flow
Miller Russell, Tiffany Morning Stretch
Minardi, Margaret Analyzing
Bob Our Custodian
Mirkovich, Alan Energy and The Entrance to Meditation
Mirtaheri, Sharon Slowly Sifting Up From The Pool Of Intent 2
Nelson, Vickie Forewarning
Nichols, Cathy Flow
Nisbet, Margaret A Wasp and a Rose
The Rose and the Dragonfly
O’Brien Gonzales, Annie Patio Table
Tulipmania #3
O’Brien, Karen Welcome
Ohl, Jodi The Cul De Chick
Oken, Eni ZenGems
Olsen, Barbara A Fragmented Life
Sedimentary Life
Omer, Najia Watch Them Roll
Pasquale, Renee Maiden at Sea
Pelissier, Sandrine Discovery Walk
In Oslo
Life Patterns 7
Permatasari, Novita Cosmos
Peterson, Kristin Layered Pear
Philips, Jane Reclamation
Pippin Pauley, Katherine Season of the Witch
The State of the Union
Postal, Gail Cynthia
Powell, Suzy ‘Pal’ RV Park
The Caravan
Powell, Tom Gloriana
Made Flesh
Pullen, Tonia Empress
Reeves-Bailen, Ella Always She Thinks of Him
In the Silence
Untamed Hearts
Reinke, Kay Beneath
Renzel, Jenifer L’fant
The Triad
Reust, Tricia Spirit’s Night
Rudinica, Elizabeth Mermaid
Sell, Tonja Coveting Wings
The Audition
Shaffer, Cynthia Flora and Fauna
Shimko, Peggy Godai Hitotsu
Shiver, Donna Estefania – Sense of Place, Common Threads Series
Sissons, Trudi Journey
Sommer, Carolyn Own Of Course
Spahr, Ryan Proliferation
Stapleton, Cindy Corey’s Silence
Staub, Carol Numerology 3
Stockton, Robert Evidence of Things Not Seen
Strachan, Deanna Friends
Sullivan, Kelley Sojourn
Those Among Us
Swan-McDonald, Deborah Butterfly Nebula
Trahan Carson, Michelle Prayer of the Flowers
Social Evenings
Trepina, Sheri Plum Burdock
Ubezio, Alessandra Laces – Catch of the day
Urquhart, Devon My Tooth Hurts
van der Lely, Joyce Beautiful by Scars
van Wijk, Maike Burgundy Swirl Pendant
Wacknov, Myrna Ode to Son
Wassell, Mo Illusory
Waters-Whitesell, Lynette Seek Asylum
Weyers, Tori Summer Silence
White, Dionne Pawley’s Island SC Watercolor/Encaustic Art Series
Wight, Angelique Koi Meeting II
Xiong, Barbara Self-Portrait
Yager, Laura Pink Pachyderm
Pumpkin, the Party Crasher
Yan, Wei Late Autumn

Incite 4: Relax, Restore, Renew will be available this September. In the meanwhile, you’ll find much inspiration in these previous Incite editions.

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