Mary Beth Shaw Podcast

I love talking to Mary Beth Shaw—it’s like a hit of happy. The morning before our podcast, I was working on a trailer movie for my new book with some fabulous shots of Mary Beth at Art Unraveled, so that’s what I’m teasing her about in the beginning. (You can see that video here and see what we’re talking about.) You can see Mary Beth’s work here, and you can read her blog here, and you can check out those amazing stencils here. And right here you can listen to her talk about art, changing careers, making a living at art, traveling, stencils,her book—Flavor for Mixed Media—and, well, everything!

Watch Mary Beth Shaw Work with Analogous Colors here.

Download this free “Collage Painting” technique from Flavor for Mixed Media here.


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3 Responses to Mary Beth Shaw Podcast

  1. JaneLaFazio says:

    I really enjoyed this interview!! Add me the the Mary Beth fan club.

  2. nbales says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite and is always nearby when I am in my studio. Thanks for doing the interview.