Katie Kendrick’s Inspiring podcast

Every time I talk to Katie Kendrick, I get all these fabulous ideas racing around in my head. That’s how it is when you talk to someone really creative and inspiring: they spark your own inspiration and juice up your own excitement. Katie’s like that–after talking to her, I have ideas for workshops and retreats, re-fashioning garments and refining my meditation practice. Katie’s finishing up the process of writing her first book, Layered Impressions, due out from North Light Books in December, and she talks about what that was like, along with explaining her love of cardboard and talking about what it’s like to hit the rough patches of Female Middle Age and come out thrilled with what’s on the other side. Katie radiates joy and creativity and passionate living.

See Katie’s video how-to for making collage backgrounds using magazine pages.

Visit Katie at her blog.

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