Mixed-Media Artist Mary Beth Shaw on Finding Your Voice

In this podcast, my friend Mary Beth talks about finding your voice, something most of us think about but few of us can really define or talk about or explain. It’s one of those topics like existentialism or the time-space continuum: confusing and intriguing and as hard to nail down as warm jello.

Mary Beth teaching at Art Unraveled, photo by Earl Zachery

Mary Beth is a working mixed-media artist and teacher and the author of Flavor for Mixed Media. She’s thought about this a lot, and she talks about it in a way that’s both useful and entertaining–well, Mary Beth is *always* entertaining, so that’s pretty much a given. One of my favorite parts is roughly 25 minutes in, and I’d tell you why it’s one of my favorites, but I gotta admit: I can’t remember now. I just noted the time when I went, “Ah, yes!”

Then there’s the part where she talks about forgetting to pee. And then there’s a bunch of other great parts to. Oh, good grief: just listen to the podcast, OK?

Go here to Mary Beth’s website and here to her blog. You’ll be able to see both of us at Art Is Petaluma, and you can find out more about that here.


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