Podcast: Kat O’Sullivan’s Bus Full of Sweaters

Kaitlin O'Sullivan has more adventures in one year than most people have in a lifetime. Because I can't even begin to catalog the places she's been—Burning Man! The Grateful Dead Tour! Africa!—you'll just have to go to katwise.com and start reading. I wanted to talk to her about her amazingly delicious sweater coats. Oh, my. And I'm not the only one entranced by these creations--they sell out the minute she lists them in her Etsy shop. So I caught up with her on laundry day, with a bus full of sweaters and a head full of fabulous memories. Some of Kat's colorful creations:

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2 Responses to Podcast: Kat O’Sullivan’s Bus Full of Sweaters

  1. Johoanna says:

    What a great podcast. Thank you. I have Katwise in my favourites at Etsy.com. I would love to have one of her sweaters one day.

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