Podcast with Mary Beth Shaw: Symbolic Language & Abstract Art

I know nothing about abstract art; I’m a literalist, a story-teller, a plodder and kind of simple in my thinking about a lot of things, so this conversation with Mary Beth was totally fascinating to me. What is symbolic language? And how does it function in abstract art? And how can you work at discovering and/or developing your own? You know it’s in there, but you maybe feel you need a Secret Decoder Ring to really understand what’s going on. Mary Beth is here to help you.

Mary Beth Shaw Abstract Art

Mary Beth teaching at Art Unraveled, photo by Earl Zachery

Mary Beth mentions two books, and here are links to those: Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and Dakota Mitchell’s Finding Your Visual Voice.  And be sure to check out Mary Beth’s own book, Flavor for Mixed Media.

Listen to the Podcast!

Go here to Mary Beth’s website and here to her blog.

Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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