Podcast with Melanie Rothschild: Creativity, Spirituality & Thinking for Yourself

How many people do you know who have a master's degree in The Study of Creativity? I know just one: Melanie. And I'm reallyreallyreally lucky that she like to talk about it and is willing to talk about it with me--our podcasts leave my head full of ideas, ideas about creativity, sure, but also about passion and aging, rules and spirituality, Art Church and the relationships between and among all of these topics.  

Melanie Rothschild

Whoa. My head is *really* full. Melanie is completely fascinating--her work has been featured in numerous gallery shows and shops including Neiman Marcus and the shops at The Smithsonian Institution, and her work has been licensed to Target. She has an undergraduate degree in anthropology and a graduate degree in The Study of Creativity-- and you can find out more about her on her website and in this video.       Read more by Melanie Rothschild The Value of Creativity: Thoughts by Melanie Rothschild Melanie Rothschild Talks About Creativity Pink Frogs: Melanie Rothschild on Creative Expression   MORE RESOURCES FOR MIXED MEDIA ARTISTSImprove your mixed media art with books, DVDs, downloads & from the North Light ShopSign up for your FREE Create Mixed Media email newsletter for great tips, projects & moreGet unlimited access to mixed media art instruction ebooksDownload free mixed media desktop wallpapers  

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