Podcast: Jen Cushman + QR Codes


Jen Cushman is my go-to technology person, the woman I ask about stuff I catch out of the corner of my eye. You know–codes and tags and new devices that nobody even has yet—stuff you read about in the tech section of the NYT but haven’t seen In Real Life. She’s the one. A while back she told me more about QR codes, those little black-and-white squares that are starting to pop up everywhere, from junk mail envelopes to real estate signs to retail packaging. When I had first seen them, I had been skeptical, but after talking to Jen, I’m seeing the huge, wide-open possibilities for sharing everything from bio info to slide shows of artwork to little videos. It’s a big world out there in the land of QR codes, and Jen explains why mixed media artists are going to want to do some exploring.

Here’s a site where you can make your own code for free; it’s the site I used for my book trailer video code. And another, kaywa, that’s popular. To get a free reader for your smartphone, go to your phone’s app store and search for “QR code readers.” I like “i-nigma,” but there are more to choose from.

To see the book trailer for Destination: Creativity—The Life-Altering Journey of the Art Retreat, go here.

To find out more about Jen, check out her website, her blog, and her column at CreateMixedMedia.com.


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