Podcast: Sandy Buffie “The Lint Lady”






Sandy Buffie is also known as “The Lint Lady”. But don’t make the same mistake as the staff of the Jay Leno show: they contacted her and asked her to bring her lint portrait of Leno to the show, and then they found out how normal she is: not some crazy-haired, wild-eyed madwoman hoarding lint in her garage. Not at all. She’s funny, and she’s doing cool stuff for good causes: she’s donated over $15,000 in lint sales to charities. I had a blast talking to her, as you can tell from listening to me laugh, and I think you will, too, and Sandy will definitely make you stop and take another look at the things in your house that get thrown away.

Make sure you go here before you listen so you’ll know what it is, exactly, that we’re talking about. Cool, huh?



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