Podcast: Sue Kreitzman

Every time I do a podcast with someone new, I think, “Oh, my, this is the best one EVER!” And then, the next time, I think, “Oh, no, THIS one is the best one ever.” I just keep running into more and more fabulous people–who knew there were so many out there? Well, Sue Kreitzman has just entirely won my heart, so I’m totally like, “No, THIS one is!” Not only does she make amazing art, and not only is her wardrobe just the most fabulous collection of artwear I’ve ever seen, but her attitude towards life and art and community and her advice to other artists is, well: I’ve run out of adjectives. Really. She’s just amazing.

In this podcast we refer to a video. You can see it here. You might want to listen to Sue and then go watch the video and then listen again. Or you might want to do all that in a different order. I, personally, like to watch the video whenever I need a little hit of inspiration. Because, you know: I can’t actually go live in her closet, alas.

Here’s Sue’s website, which also has a link to the above video, which is also here.


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