Podcast with Mixed- Media Artist Becki Smith

I hardly ever get to talk to any local artists in The West Texas Desert because, well: because most artists find living here almost impossible and get out as soon as they can, sadly. They move to Austin or Santa Fe, and you have to go online to see their work. Becki is one of the few mixed- media artists who’s not only stuck it out but thrived, and hearing her talk about how she’s created an oasis for herself–a home and studio that nurture her soul and give her the space and atmosphere she needs in order to create–is fabulously encouraging to those of us who can’t just pick up and move to somewhere more inspiring.


Becki Smith at work in her studio

To see Becki’s work, you can go to her website, here, and to my blog, where I posted more of the photos we took in her studio when we visited several years ago. Listen to our conversation:

Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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