Stencil Girl: Mixed-Media Technique for Making and Using Stencils

Welcome to the bonus page for Stencil Girl: Mixed-Media Techniques for Making and Using Stencils by Mary Beth Shaw!

Prepare to be inspired by what you find here. The simple stencil can be the most versatile tool in your creative studio. Explore the potential of the stencil today and enjoy these fun stenciling projects.

Mary Beth knew you’d never be able to have enough inspiring project ideas (though there are a ton of them in the book!) so we’ve provided you with several more here. Sign up for our free newsletter and the downloads for these projects are all yours!

The free projects include:

Mod Squad

Removing Gridlock

Air-Dry Pendant

Pattern Play

Yupo Candle Sleeves

Button Keeper

Easy Etch

Doodle Mania

Great Paint Over

Faux Metal Box




StencilGirl Products – all Mylar stencils

Artist Cellar

The Stencil Library

Punchinella/Sequin Waste

Stencils created on Stencil Board

Monthly Stencil Club

Stencil Supplies:

EZ Cut Stencil Material

Wood Icing: Stencil Girl Products or  Wood Icing


Misc. Art Supplies:

Derwent Inktense Pencils

Matisse Background Paints

Mixed Media Adhesive (Pam Carriker)

4 Responses to Stencil Girl: Mixed-Media Technique for Making and Using Stencils

  1. KA says:

    Could you tell me please where to find the RESOURCES as referenced in the book.
    Thank you.

    • joneam says:

      Hi KA,
      It looks like the list of resources didn’t initially make it onto the page! Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know. They’ve been added now (see above)!


  2. slundine says:

    What about where to buy readymade thermostat screens?

  3. slundine says:

    Thermofax I mean. Where can you buy readymade thermofax screens?