Diana Trout

Diana Trout is the author of the bestselling journaling book, Journal Spilling: Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression. She teaches classes online, in person, and even on location to Medieval paper mills in Italy. You’ll find the details of that trip, along with an artist profile in this section. Diana Trout gives lots of great advice for journaling in the many step- by- step tutorials including one on how to save unloved books and guest blog posts written by Diana Trout. There is a two- part instructional series about how to start using watercolor paints that is a wealth of information. You’ll also find several podcasts and ideas for how to start your first journal page. This is the place for all things Diana Trout!

Choosing an Art Journal You’ll Love

Choosing a new journal in a new-to-you format can be tough: what kind of binding will work for you? What kind of paper? How big? Veteran journal artist Diana Trout offers some really useful tips in this video and answers some of Ricë’s questions about journals.

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Podcast: Diana Trout’s Italy Class & Taming Your Inner Critic

Diana Trout, author of Journal Spilling, is getting ready to take a group of lucky students to Italy where they will, among other things, make paper. And guess where this will happen! In Fabriano, at the medieval paper mill that is the original home of Fabriano paper. Is that just the coolest thing ever or what? Diana says they’re going to be using the ancient paper-making tools under the guidance of the director there. Oh, my. That sounds like it would be worth the trip right there, but of course there’s more. And also in this podcast Diana talks about her newest passion: her ongoing blog posts about Taming Your Inner Critic.

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Podcast with Diana Trout About Stewie & Fabriano, Italy–Oh, My!

Diana Trout is getting ready to take a group of students to Italy, and one of the things they’ll be doing there is making paper in–get this!–Fabriano. Yes! With paper-making tools used hundreds of years ago. Listen to Ricë’s podcast with Diana to find out more. And, oh, yeah: to find out what Diana and Stewie are up to these days. You remember Stewie–Diana’s Inner Critic? They’re working on a project together–it’s free, and you can join in right now~~

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Creating Your First Journal Page

In these techniques, Journal Spilling author Diana Trout helps you to overcome the reluctance that may preclude you from putting pen to paper. In addition to offering prompt ideas (like a single big, powerful word at the top of a page), she encourages you to decorate the page and offers ideas for techniques to color, design and illustrate the pages of your life.

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Wanna Save an Unloved Book? Diana Trout Shows You How

Ricë talks to Diana Trout about her brand-new online book arts workshop.

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Watercolor Primer with Diana Trout, Part II

In the second part of this watercolor primer, Diana introduces us to the process of layering colors as well as the sharing of some helpful videos.

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Watercolor Primer with Diana Trout, Part I

In part one of this two-part guest post, Diana Trout shares with us a watercolor primer and lets you know which colors you want to round up to get started.

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Pamphlet Stitch How To with Diana Trout

Here’s another great how to video from Diana Trout. In this video, she shows you how to do a simple pamphlet stitch, the first step to making your own simple books.

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Book Notes: Journal Spilling

See what Ricë has to say about Journal Spilling by Diana Trout, a book that can help you get over your fear of “the great white page.”

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How-to videos by Diana Trout

Need some extra inspiration for your Tuesday? Check out these technique videos from art journaler and instructor, Diana Trout!

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