Doodling is often thought of as what kids do when they’re bored in class or what you might do in a long meeting. However, doodling can be much more than scribbles on a page. Here you’ll find a slew of creative doodling how- to guides and tutorials. You’ll also find ways to incorporate doodling in your other mixed media projects such as graffiti art as envisioned the author of Doodles Unleashed, Traci Bautista. There are also webinars and interviews with others artists, like Jane Davenport and Mark Hill, who have incorporated doodling into their own work. Inspiration for transforming your doodles into something fabulous is plentiful!

Doodling Tutorial: Graffiti Bouquet

Traci Bautista shares with you one of our favorite “journal collage” techniques from one of her best-loved North Light books, Doodles Unleashed.

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Journal Fresh: Jenn Olson

Jenn Olson acknowledges that art journaling means something different to everyone, but that for her, her journal is a place to try new things and to think out loud.

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Remember The Bad Drawings?

Remember the bad drawings? Here’s the result of my first experiment.

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How-to videos by Diana Trout

Need some extra inspiration for your Tuesday? Check out these technique videos from art journaler and instructor, Diana Trout!

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Dawn Sokol and Doodle Domination

Rice Freeman-Zachery and artist and author Dawn Sokol discuss doodling, why she like the format of journaling, and working on her own books about journaling for kids.

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Silencing Your Inner Critic

Violette, author of Journal Bliss, knows just how to handle that dark force in her creative life. And she’s eager to share with you techniques that will have you trusting and believing in your artistic self. Through pages of beautiful hand-drawn doodles and simple but strong words of encouragement, she aims to teach you to beat back that gremlin of doubt.

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Art Journal Doodling: Tips & Techniques

Violette, journal artist and author of Journal Bliss, believes that doodling, along with more traditional journaling, can be a transformative experience. Here, she not just tells you how but she shows you how doodling can be a viable part of your journey. You’ll be inspired by both her words and her pictures.

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