Having trouble coming up with ideas for your journal? What about for your collage? Do you just need a pick me up of fresh ideas for your mixed media projects in general? This ideas section has plenty of places to find new inspiration for your creative endeavors. You’ll find ideas for journal prompts from art journaling authors Eric Scott and David Modler along with concept ideas from Create Mixed Media editor Tonia (Davenport) Jenny. This area will provide you with unique ideas including flipping through a dictionary, eavesdropping, and stream of consciousness writing. Free PDFs and step- by- step guides from some of our best selling books are available here.

Dictionary Inspiration

Tonia shares how she found plenty of inspiration just thumbing through the pages of her dictionary.

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Writing in Your Journal

In this tutorial, Eric Scott and David Modler make fresh suggestions for how you can get in the art journaling groove. Above and beyond daily and stream of consciousness journaling, the authors suggest pages of prompts, random words, eavesdropping bits and pieces and more. With their tips and suggestions you’ll never run out of ideas!

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