Journal Prompts

One of the most common problems with journaling is figuring out what to write about. Journal prompts are one way to alleviate that problem and we’ve got plenty of them for you. Here you’ll find journal prompts for both traditional journaling and art journaling and they come from some of your favorite authors like Eric Scott and David Modler (author of Journal Junkies) and Randi Feuerhelm-Watts (author of Wide Open). Our own Rice Freeman- Zachery shares some of her favorite journal prompts and places to find journal prompts. You’ll also find Rice’s podcast with Sue Bliewiess about her blog “The Sketchbook” which shows journal artists from around the world and can serve as prompts for your own journals.

Art Journaling Prompts

Just getting started with an art journal and need some jump starts? Ricë provides links to some sites with great art journal prompts that are sure spark ideas for those blank white pages.

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Sue Bleiweiss and The Sketchbook Challenge: podcast

In this podcast, Ricë and Sue Bliewiess talk all about the Sketchbook Challenge, a blog dedicated to posting monthly themes from fantastic artists around the web.

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6 Prompts for Journaling

Author Randi Feuerhelm-Watts (Wide Open) shares six of her creative inspirations in this excerpt from her book and card deck. And while her work is intended for the journaler, any artist can find inspiration in the artists, cities and techniques she describes. So what are you waiting for? Get going … now!

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Writing in Your Journal

In this tutorial, Eric Scott and David Modler make fresh suggestions for how you can get in the art journaling groove. Above and beyond daily and stream of consciousness journaling, the authors suggest pages of prompts, random words, eavesdropping bits and pieces and more. With their tips and suggestions you’ll never run out of ideas!

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