Susan Tuttle

Susan Tuttle is the author of the books “Digital Expressions,” “Exhibition 36,” and is co- author of the upcoming book “Photocraft.” She is well- known for her ability to alter art by playing with fonts, curving corners of digital images, and changing colors of photographs digitally. This section provides several step- by- step guides to help you get started with the basic skills you’ll need for the projects in Susan’s books. Lest you think Susan’s work is all done on the computer, there are also tutorials that will help you create encaustic painting collages from Susan Tuttle’s book Exhibition 36. There are also podcasts and notes from some of our editors who have tried projects from Susan Tuttle’s books.

Artist Profile: Susan Tuttle

  Susan Tuttle is the author of Photo Craft: Creative mixed Media Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs (co-written with Christy Hydeck) and two previous North Light books, Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media …

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More Fun With Digital Expressions

See how easy it is to add rounded corners to your digital photos. Susan Tuttle offers us instructions for this free technique.

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Creating Encaustic Collages

Encaustic is a medium that combines beeswax and resin, and the resulting art is unique to say the least; self-described addicts say they love the medium’s sweet smell, rich colors, unmatchable texture, transparency and finish. Susan Tuttle, author of Exhibition 36, along with artist Sandy Lupton, offers a primer on the materials and techniques you’ll need to get started, along with a gallery of samples.

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Embracing Digital Art

Have you been afraid to explore your digital side? Tonia encourages you to jump in and give digital art a try!

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Book Notes: Exhibition 36

In this video, Ricë shares her insights into Exhibition 36 by Susan Tuttle, a gallery tour in book form.

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Book Notes: Digital Expressions

In this Book Notes, Rice tells you all about Digital Expressions, by Susan Tuttle, a book for digital mixed-media art.

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Text Unbound

Express yourself with type! Susan Tuttle, author of Digital Expressions, offers a primer on the handful of skills really necessary to incorporate text in your mixed media piece. You’ll learn how to combine a variety of fonts and text colors to create interest; rotate and wrap text; and adjust text layer opacity levels.

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