Protection for the Traveler

Author of Amulets & Talismans, Robert Dancik is a believer in a mystical power to protect. Here he shares instructions for how to make a beautiful talisman meant to keep the traveler’s anxiety at bay. Bonus: You’ll use unique and fascinating techniques in completing this project, techniques like machine cutting and drilling, metal stamping and cutting, and the application of chemical patina.

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Building Ex Votos

Ex votos are typically on tin and often not much larger than twelve inches and depict a moment of tragedy, or potential tragedy, that was thwarted by Divine Intervention. In this project, Michael deMeng, author of Dusty Diablos, provides instructions not only for the process of building your own ex voto, but also how-tos for a handful of creative techniques that will set your work apart, including “the tricky burnt paper routine,” and “the burning flesh trick.”

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