The Journal Junkies Workshop

The Open Page: Share Your Visual Journals

Until recently, I never took the time to consider visual journaling. I like doodling, sure, and journaling, but the two seldom met. It wasn’t until I started reading the Journal Fresh posts by Dawn Sokol and checked out these journal …

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Altering Pages

Here, the authors of Journal Junkies Workshop, Eric Scott and David Modler, explore techniques that make journaling more interactive, techniques that offer the viewer glimpses and peeks into other pages, and techniques that encourage the viewer to open envelopes and pockets and to reveal hidden spaces behind doors and folds.

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Writing in Your Journal

In this tutorial, Eric Scott and David Modler make fresh suggestions for how you can get in the art journaling groove. Above and beyond daily and stream of consciousness journaling, the authors suggest pages of prompts, random words, eavesdropping bits and pieces and more. With their tips and suggestions you’ll never run out of ideas!

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