The Declaration of You!

Welcome to zee fabulous The Declaration of You! Bonus Page! I am Pierre François Frédéric and your host to the amazing time you’ll have exploring all of the extras here. You see, Jess and Michelle went above and beyond sharing goodness with you in zee book and all of the great things just wouldn’t fit on zee pages (or so their editor said anyway), so now you get to enjoy a plethora of videos and bonus downloads that are an extension of the goodness in zee printed book. Watch a preview of the book below!


Chapter Videos

Extended Interviews

Additional Links

Intention Chapter: Dear Future Me originator, Jess Lively

Success Chapter: YOURNAMEHERELAND Meditation from Simeone Seol of House of HipGnosis

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Downloadable Goodies

Uniquity Chapter: You’re Amazing Worksheet – Download this worksheet, print it out and then give yourself mounds of credit for all the things you’re good at, right down to the most unique and quirky parts. (Hint: the unique and quirky parts are what make us charming individuals! It’d be boring if we were all exactly the same.)

Intention Chapter: Michelle’s “Dear Future Me” Letters—We show you how to create your own envelope in the book, now here’s your chance to peek at some actual letters written by Michelle to herself. Inspiring!

Self-Care Chapter: All the Hats I Wear—We all wear many hats for the different roles we play in our lives. To get you thinking about all of the roles you play, here is a fun little spinner chart for you to share with the world which hat you’re wearing at any given moment.

Money Chapter: Pierre Money—In the book we share a fun activity for keeping track of your expenses. Here is a full sheet of Pierre Money for you to print out and use in your own version of the project. This is money you’re allowed to print!

Money Chapter: Full Interview with Chris Guillebeau – An entire bonus interview!

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