The Mixed Media Artist

The Mixed Media ArtistWelcome to the bonus page for The Mixed Media Artist: Art Tips, Trick, Secrets and Dreams from Over 40 Amazing Artists by Seth Apter.

This book is full of inspiring art, tips and secrets! In fact it’s so full that we couldn’t fit everything in the book, so there’s more for you here to peruse. Just sign up for our free newsletter and the extra content is all yours—for free!



JUANA ALMAGUER – Tips for using rice paper to create texture

GEOFFREY GORMAN – Helpful hints for sculptors and three-dimensional artists

NATHALIE NAYER – Preserving white space

CRYSTAL NEUBAUER – Tips for using glue with collage ephemera

PD PACKARD – A walk through the collagraph process

THREE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS – and answers by spotlight artists

TRUDI SISSONS – Video: Making of The Chairman



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