Top 10 Art Journaling Techniques

Art journaling is a great place to begin your mixed media practice. It’s a great place to try new supplies and to experiment with techniques before committing to a canvas. Plus, because it’s a journal, it also works well as a place to purge all those swirling thoughts that keep you from getting a good night’s rest. In this Top 10 Art Journaling Techniques video, you’ll find ways to art journal in the medium that you love, whether that’s acrylic paint, acrylic ink, watercolor, using recycled materials, or something else entirely.

Watch a preview of just a few of the techniques you’ll learn!

This video features clips from the following videos:

  • Alternative Art Journals with Margaret Peot
  • Art Journal Art Journey bonus video with Nichole Rae
  • Art Journal Color Courage with Dina Wakley
  • Art Journal Preparation with Pam Carriker
  • Art Journal Stencils and Masks with Dina Wakley
  • Art Journaling with Gina Rossi Armfield: The No Excuses Approach to Mixed Media Collage
  • Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal with Seth Apter
  • Monsoon Paper Workshop with Quinn McDonald
  • Stencil Girl Mixed Media Sampler Journal with Mary Beth Shaw
  • Upcycled Art Journal with Kristen Robinson

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