Creative Kickstart: Art Journal Fun!

*Guest post by Kristin Peterson.

Art journal work can be anything that you want it to be. My journals are sometimes for experimenting and seeing how my products are going to work together – or not work together – or purely for play. My own art journals are not always created to necessarily be shared either. Some pages I like and consider a success, and there are plenty of other pages that I think, “time to turn the page.” I do not gesso over those pages though, as I do with canvas. I like being able to look back and see where I have come from and what I have created in the past and how I have progressed. I like to keep many art journals in my studio and available in various sizes and different paper types because I tend to work wet and it is easy to set one journal aside and grab another to continue working. I tend to have several things that I am working on, all in various stages of being done.

Materials List: small Dylusions journal, white gesso, Dina Wakley turquoise paint, Dylusion’s spray ink bubblegum pink, Daler Rowney FW orange ink, Artistcellar Lynn K Marked stencil series, Golden Fluorescent Magenta, pencil, Artgraf Stick soft, pencil, bingo card, painted paper scraps

Step One: Gesso your pages and let them dry. You don’t need to cover the entire the page. By not covering the entire page with gesso, this allows you to create variation and interest within the spray ink. (The darker pink is where there was no gesso on the paper.) Then start thinking about colors. I usually grab whatever is on the top and immediately handy to start with and go from there.

Step Two: Scrap your main color along the edges of your pages. I started with the Dina Wakley turquoise acrylic paint. While the paint is still wet, grab a stencil and push into your paint, leaving the stencil mark and then, placing the stencil full of paint down onto opposite page to repeat. Using the Dylusion’s ink spray ink onto the page. Drop your FW orange ink onto your pages and spritz with water. Allowing this thick ink to run and blend a bit. I do use a hair dryer to dry the ink some, and then dab any ink blobs and pulling off the excess ink.

Step Three: Draw imperfect circles in pencil and then, use your soft Artgraf stick to provide a shadow along the edge of your circles. Glue down your painted paper scrap.

Step Four: Draw a partial circle in pencil and using your Artgraf to put a shadow in along the edge. Use the end of a toilet paper roll and stamp into your paint and then onto your page. Glue down your painted paper scrap and bingo strip.

Step Five: Add any final details.

My advice is create everyday because something fabulous will come from it.

Kristin Peterson is a mixed media artist who comes from a long line of artists. Her usual medium is acrylics but, she does dabble in watercolor, and is in love with inks of all kinds and if given the chance, loves to sew on paper. She also loves vintage papers and ephemera. You can find more about her by visiting her website:

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  1. nahidule says:

    Nice color play. Thanks for sharing your art work that must have a postmodern graphic value