So, not being able to upload pictures for the time being has led me to wander around CreateMixedMedia.com thinking about all the things I like about this site (and all the images we have access to in our online library). So I thought I’d share 10 of my favorite posts in the hopes of highlighting some gems.

Notes By Christen: Going From “To Do” to “Done” — I love a good list, and I love crossing things off of it. But lots of times, stuff gets added to the list I never expected and don’t write down. Using this method let’s me see everything that I’ve done for the day, allowing me to celebrate my triumphs.

Pamphlet Stitch How-To With Diana Trout — This is a recent post, but I really can’t help myself. Lately I’ve been thinking about making my own books. I’m not big on journaling, but the idea of creating a physical space for words sounds amazing to me. I love books—the way they smell, the way they feel—and to create one, even a small one, would be a dream come true. Plus, it’s a video!

Ari Seth Cohen Explores Advanced Style — I’m a sucker for any guy who loves his grandmother or elder auntie. Add to that a love of celebrating personal style, and you’ve got the dreamy combination of Ari Seth Cohen and Advanced Style. I loved this podcast because it makes me think of my grandmother’s style: A neat, A-line, knee-length skirt paired with a light button up top with casually rolled up sleeves. And her hair—sigh, her hair—which was always a tidy batch of curls.

Make ‘n Give — Tonia has been doing some amazing work lately, but I love this post for it’s simplicity and sentiment. Making someone else’s day is a great way to make your own day (and in her case, get some coffee)!

Artist Profile: Kimberly Santiago — Full disclosure: I was the editor for Kimberly’s book, Collage Playground. Reading her artist profile made me feel like I was back in the studio with her. Although, I will say I didn’t realize until I read this why she liked going out to lunch everyday! We have tons of artist’s profiles, and you can find them here!

Our Facebook Page and Twitter feed — OK, not on the site, technically, but something I love nonetheless. I spend a lot of time on Facebook (work related!) in the hopes of bringing you some interesting bits from around the web. Twitter is firmly in Ricë’s domain and I’m always excited to see what she tweets and the conversations she has.

Anything by Ricë — Speaking of Ricë, you should read just about anything she writes. From posts about Stuff and The Creative Spark to sharing her art retreat adventures, Ricë’s stuff is always a good read!

Wire and Bead Basics — If I can wear something mixed media, then I’ve created something I love. I especially love to combine mixed media techniques with jewelry making. If I don’t have a good foundation ad my mixed media jewelry falls apart, it just feels like a mess, and this how-to download from Margot Potter is a handy guide that keeps my jewelry techniques neat and tidy.

Journal Fresh: Emily Kobliska Christians — Dawn Sokol has been introducing us to art journalers from around the world. But I love this particular interview with Emily Kobliska Christians because her journal style (and the tips she gives) are just fearless. The way she creates and writes in her journals speaks to a part of me that still hiding away (OK, I do journal, i just don’t show people my journals).

Creative Insights: Leslie Riley — this link is to a particular post subtitled “10 Traits of a Successful Artist — Do You Measure Up?” Honestly, when I first read this post, I didn’t like it. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I thought, “All those fearless people must have such a hard time being fearless.” (That’s the hidden part of me talking, BTW). But the more I ruminated on it, the more I came to believe what I already knew: There’s going to be a lot of junk before there is a jewel. And even further than that, junk will always be around. I keep that list where I can see it, and I hope to journal it in big, bold words someday.

there you have it, friends. Of course, there are a ton of awesome things to this site. As always, I think you should sign up for the newsletter (I write that, too) and visit and share on the Flickr groups The Everyday Studio and The Open Page. But I digress, that’s way more than 10!


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