Flavor for Texture Webinar

Flavor for Texture: An Exploration of Mixed Media Techniques

Hosted by Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw, author of Flavor for Mixed Media, is inspired by colors, layers, flavors, combinations … and textures. Always textures.

Mary Beth’s PowerPoint  presentation will give you detailed instruction for creating a tryptich using many of the types of texture she discusses Flavor for Mixed Media and also shares several new pieces of art and tips and tricks for adding texture. The presentation wraps up with a Q&A session and special offers.

In case you missed the live webinar (or just want to watch it again), here it is:



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Buy this set of five exclusive designs from Stencil Girl Products for only $30 through the North Light Shop. These are the stencils Mary Beth used in creating the triptychs featured in the webinar. Each measures 6″ x 6″ and is laser cut from 7 mil mylar, a plastic film that is heat resistant. The stencils are thick enough to be strong and long lasting, yet they are thin enough to provide a seamless look in your art. We know you will love these stencils!



We have a HUGE selection of Stencil Girl stencils in the North Light Shop and we also have the much talked about and beloved WOOD ICING. You should pick up a few of these goodies while supplies last!




The Creative Edge: Demonstration: Stenciling Symbols Digital Download

In this PDF download author and artist Mary Todd Beam show you how to use stencils to complete unfinished art and/or just art you were unsatisfied with. You’ll learn how to combine stencil use with other mediums such as light molding paste, crackle past and paint.


Image Transfer Workshop

By Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson. The process of making an image transfer is so universal. It can be used in mixed-media art, scrapbooking, fine art and a host of other craft disciplines. Rarely does any one book cover a large variety of transfers until now. Image Transfer Workshop introduces you to a vast number of transfer techniques (complete with finished art samples) that go well beyond the rudimentary tape and gel transfers found in other books. Instructions for combining transfers, trouble-shooting and complete works of art enable you to take your transfer knowledge to the next level for a variety of finished looks.


Encaustic Mixed Media

By Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. Rusting and burning, carving and spackling, tarring and flocking: These are just a few of the unique and surprising techniques author Patrica “Trish” Baldwin Seggebruch shares with you in Encaustic Mixed Media!

New to encaustic? With Trish leading the way, you can start today! And if you’ve dabbled in encaustic before, the creative approach and new materials and techniques used in this book will blow you away!



Mary Beth Shaw believes everyone has an inner artist who deserves to come out and play/ Her teaching style is energetic and fun, and she thinks mistakes can be our best lessons. Mary Beth lives her life with passion and cherishes each and every moment. She resides in Wildwood, MO., with her husband and two cats. You can find Mary Beth via the following:





And be sure to check out Mary Beth’s fabulous YouTube channel. You’ll find tutorials, interviews and stories (Oh my!).

Finally, in response to a few questions that arose during the webinar, Mary Beth passes along the following information concerning resources:

The inclusions Mary Beth talked about are called “Mix-ins” and they are from Matisse-Derivan. She buys them from Jerry’s Artarama.

And you can find more information about floating frames over at Dick Blick.


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