How to Paint and Stencil a Dress

How to Paint and Stencil a DressAre you ready to go off of the beaten path of mixed media and learn how to collage, paint and draw in one all-encompassing swoop? Then look no further than Sue Pelletier’s book: Collage Paint Draw!

It’s got everything you’re looking for with over 30 techniques for drawing, painting, adding texture and so much more! Featuring more than 40 diverse materials ranging from your normal, everyday pencils and paint brushes to twine, hardware store tapes, wire and the list could go on and on. (Seriously, we wouldn’t joke about something as serious as art!)

So if you’re ready to get your hands dirty and your hearts happy with some mixed media art, then check out this simple tutorial from over thirty to choose from, from inside Collage Paint Draw! And don’t forget to join our first Mixed Media Book Club webinar featuring more art, tips and helpful techniques from Sue Pelletier and Mary Beth Shaw! (And between you and me… the chances are pretty high that you’ll get to see a live demo… just saying… maybe you should sign up… like right now…)

Click here for the downloadable Stenciled Painterly Dress step-by-step from Collage Paint Draw!

Click here to join the webinar! Click here to join the first Mixed Media Book Club webinar with Sue Pelletier and Mary Beth Shaw!





Click to Purchase Collage Paint Draw!If you enjoyed this mixed media tutorial then check out Collage Paint Draw for more!





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