Mixed Media on Paper

*A guest post by Jenny Moed-Korpela.

“Use your journal as a space where failure doesn’t exist; play and experiment to your heart’s content.”

I really enjoy mixed media because of the texture and the layering it allows you to do. I love using book pages and song sheets behind my birds, it gives them something poetic, and shows a bit of my own history and story. I only use books and materials that I have read or bought in a country that I have visited. My pages become thus a document of me.

Materials list:
Watercolor paper
Collage material. (book pages, song sheets, skeleton leaves)
Acrylic gel medium
Acrylic colors
Wet wipes
Palette knife

mixed media
Step 1: Gather your collage materials you want to use and your journal.

mixed media
Step 2: Glue down the papers using acrylic gel medium. Let dry thoroughly.

mixed media
Step 3: Paint a thin layer of gesso over the collage and let dry. Paint the whole page with Payne’s Grey acrylic, let dry for a minute before wiping it of again with a wet wipe. Wipe of as much or as little as you want.

mixed media
Step 4: Glue down some more paper, and then put down some white acrylic with a palette knife to create some texture.

mixed media
Step 5: Add some warm colors, I used some Burnt Umber for the edges and Napel’s Yellow for the whole page. Again I painted the whole page first, and then wiped it of with wet wipe to only leave a thin glazing of the color.

mixed media
Step 6: I added some Burnt Sienna to the edges and then I glued down three skeleton leaves with gel medium.

mixed media
Step 7: I painted a White Wagtail with watercolor on watercolor paper. I then cut it out and placed in on my journal page.

mixed media
Step 8: I glued the wagtail to my page. I then added the date of completion, my signature stamp and wrote down a memo of where I have seen this particular wagtail. (Painted from my own reference picture.)

Jenny Moed-Korpela is a mixed media artist from Finland, currently living in Shanghai. Art is her passion, and she’s trying to make art her full-time profession. Birds have been her focus point for several years now, and there seem to be more and more ideas that she needs to paint all the time!
URL: www.jennymoedkorpela.com / www.jennymoedkorpela.blogspot.com
E-mail: jennymoedkorpela@yahoo.com

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