No Excuses Watercolor – Notes from Author Gina Rossi Armfiled

No Excuses WatercolorNo Excuses Watercolor is now officially available! If you are a fan of Gina’s first book, No Excuses Art Journaling, you’re going to love this brand new book that completely takes the fear out of playing with watercolor. We asked Gina Rossi Armfield some questions about the process of writing her book and here’s what she had to share. (Gina’s responses are in color.)



T4323_fox_250During the process of writing my book, I discovered I’m much more insecure than I imagined.

At one point, I had a moment of panic when I thought that I had no business writing a watercolor book because I was comparing myself to others instead of embracing my own style.

In practicing the “art of letting go,” I felt lighter after I relinquished control over comparing my book to to others and embraced my own style and let my voice be heard.

I’d consider it a dream-come-true if someone who never thoughts they were able to draw or paint told me my book had had a positive impact on him/her.

My hope for the person who picks up my book is that I’ll have changed his/her perspective on the intimidation factor of the watercolor medium.

If I could only show others two spreads my book, I would share pages 44-45 and 66-67. (Click on the links below to download and see the spreads!)



One sentence of advice I’d give to anyone wanting to write a book would be: Make sure that it is something you feel deeply about, and that is rings true and is expressed in your own unique voice.

If I had to write the book over again, I’d spend more time enjoying the painting process and less worrying if I was good enough.



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Painted Blossoms T4975_160px_72dpi

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4 Responses to No Excuses Watercolor – Notes from Author Gina Rossi Armfiled

  1. Gretchen Davey says:

    Your watercolor book is my favorite art resource book! I started dabbling in watercolors after I turned 60, and soon discovered I’ll never be a successful “traditional” watercolor artist. I love the medium, though, so have been messing around with different techniques. Your book was one step in my journey and I love it so much that I’m sharing it with others! I know of at least two friends who bought their own copy of the book! Now I’m morphing pen & ink with watercolors, metallic pens, and anything else that adds inteest. I’m enjoying it SO much. Keep writing books!

    Gretchen Davey

  2. semmelroth6 says:

    Great book

  3. cristyjones says:

    This is truly a wonderful post!!!!

  4. Your book is really excellent . You have written well. Thanks for the post.