Pears: an iPhoneography Tutorial

Simplicity at it’s best!


I have never met a pear or group of pears that I didn’t want to photograph. Their luscious skin and curves seem to be a natural attractor…not only for me but for many other artists as well. So when my wife put out on our counter a bowl containing four pears…out came my iPhone! Wanting to keep things simple, I ended up only using two apps, Distressed FX and a touch of Snapseed. Five steps in all…


Bringing the source image into Distressed FX, I first picked the filter “Finch” which gave the image a nice golden glow.


Going to the second row of filters, I picked “Broken” to give the image a more painterly, vintage feel.


Those two filters in place, I then opened up the Adjustment screen and used the sliders to work the contrast, brightness, and color palate to bring out the shadows and details of the pears a bit more. I then saved this version to my camera roll.


Here’s what I had so far.


Using my “finishing” app, Snapseed, I used the “Tune Image” menu to do a little more with the contrast and saturation.


Feeling this image need a bit of framing, for my last step I used “Frame 10” in the “Frame” menu. Done!


The finished image, Afternoon. Simple as that.

David Hayes is a photographer, mixed-media artist, painter and explorer of life. Visit his blog at

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