Pink Punch Line: The Story of One Palette

I want to share with you a short (at least I’ll try to keep it as such) story about a little palette named Pink Punch Line. Here’s how the story goes. I wanted to make a summer top. I love the color red. I wanted to paint. I painted a few canvases. I decided I should try and make a top with the canvas I had painted. I did not have a pattern for a summer top so I consulted Google. Google led me to a cute project by Rain Blanken for an apron top.

I completed the top and decided it needed some . . . “punch” in the form of hand stitching so I went to town with some turquoise thread since I’ve always loved red and teal tones together. I was pretty darn pleased with the finished top, as a top, but what I was most enamored with was the result of all the colors (assorted tones of red/pink combined with the blue) together.

Serendipitously, it wasn’t long after that, that Molly Bermea at COLOURlovers introduced me to a very cool app called ColorSchemer Touch. ColorSchmer Touch is the iPhone companion to the color matching application ColorSchemer Studio 2. It makes the million+ palettes at COLOURlovers available to you on your phone. But what I think is super exciting about this app is that you can snap a photo with your phone (or use an existing one from your camera roll) and then pull colors from it to create you own new palette!

You’re seeing where this is going, aren’t you? And you guessed right! I took a photo of my apron and then using their picking tool, selected the colors from my photo that I wanted in the palette. I tweaked the colors a bit, getting them as ideal as my little heart wanted and named my palette Pink Punch Line, then when I saved it, it automatically published the palette to my account at COLOURlovers. Also, there’s an option to e-mail a palette or to save it to my camera roll. Very cool!

Color by COLOURlovers

Having a clear look at the colors I loved together, I was inspired make something new with my palette so I created a little love note card, which was the most recent, but I doubt the last, stop on Pink Punch Line’s journey. Now that I have her in my pocket, I can call on her for inspiration anytime.


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3 Responses to Pink Punch Line: The Story of One Palette

  1. Kimberly says:

    Very cool! Love the look and texture.

  2. Jo Murray says:

    Such a creative process! I love your progression.

  3. Tonia Davenport says:

    Kimberly and Jo, thanks so much for your kind comments. I had a lot of fun with this progression and I’m glad that came through!