Victoria Rose Martin Podcast

Every podcast I do, I think, “This is my favorite!” And then next time, “Nope, this is my favorite.” Well, this podcast with Victoria Rose Martin, whose work you can see here, is absolutely one of my favorites. You’ll see why, and I’m thinking you’re going to find it one of your favorites, too. She paints and creates figurative sculpture, and she teaches and advises her college students, and she has more useful information about just about everything than anyone else I know. Plus she’s enthusiastic and passionate about what she does, and she makes me laugh. We’re going to have to do some more of these because there’s no way we could have covered everything in this first one.

Hint: you might want to make some notes: listening to her, my brain got full of so much stuff I wanted to think more about, it started buzzing. Enjoy!

In the podcast, Victoria mentions a couple of books she thinks are invaluable, so here are the links: Graphic Artists’ Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines and Artists’ and Graphic Designers’ Market.

Read about Victoria’s Creative Spark here and her Artist’s Profile here.


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