What I’m Doing With One Bad Drawing

I hope y’all have been having fun this week making bad drawings and then playing with them. I have. I showed you the drawings:

and then how I transferred some of them to fabric:

And now here’s what I’ve been doing with one of those:

What is it? Well, frankly, I’m not sure. I thought it was a donkey at first, but it doesn’t look much like a donkey. Because, hello: toes! Someone gently reminded me that donkeys don’t generally come with toes. Someone else suggested an aardvaark (yeah, I know it has only three a’s, but I can’t resist adding another), or maybe a chupacabra (mythical (maybe! maybe not!) animal that captures and sucks the blood out of goats. Hence, “goat sucker”). But chupacabras look more like the aliens from Roswell, New Mexico, than they do like this guy, don’t you think? See?

So I still don’t know, and that’s OK. Because this isn’t about the outcome, about knowing what I’m going to make and working to make it into that. Nope. Sometimes you have to do that–in fact, usually you have to do that. You’re making something for a show or a commission or a class sample or a round robin or a swap or a gift or all of those, and you know what you want to make and how it needs to turn out. That’s what making stuff is usually like for us adults.

Sometimes it shouldn’t be. Sometimes it should begin with no idea where it’s going, and it should meander along and take some odd turns and back-arounds, and it should surprise you in sometimes delightful ways. And sometimes in ways that aren’t quite so delightful, because that’s how you’ll learn something in the process, if you come upon a part of it and go, “Yuck. What was I thinking with the yellow-green dress?” It’s about learning stuff the easy way, through playing. Maybe something will come of it–a whole new series, a new technique, a new idea–and maybe nothing will. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes you just need to relax a little and do something fun.

This seems like as good a time as any, don’t you think? Even if you never go beyond the Bad Drawing stage, that’s perfectly far enough.


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