Bonus Content: Zen Doodle, Tons of Tangles

Bring on the doodles! Zen doodle, that is!

In Zen Doodle: Tons of Tangles, you’ll find gorgeous images of the best doodle art from around the world. This collection of drawings and painted canvases from dozens of contributors features thousands of tangle patterns and doodle designs to inspire you to doodle anything and everything.

Inside you’ll find:

  • More than 100 pieces of Zen doodled art from 42 artists
  • Step-by-step instructions to help you begin your own Zen doodles
  • Four chapters of doodle inspiration: Abstracts, Shapes & Objects, Animals & Beasts, and Friendship & Love

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About the contributors:

Stephanie Ackerman        

Molly Alexander               

Jana Bodin                      

Sue Brassel                     

Neil Burley                       

Catherine M. Calvetti        

Ann-Marie Cheung            

Lisa Chin                         

June Crawford                  

Melodie Dowell                 

Christine Alane Farmer     

Kathie Gadd                    

Anne Gratton                   

Betsy Jones                    

Lynnita K. Knoch             

Hannah O. Koch              

Catherine Langsdorf         


Jane Reiter                     

Nancy V. Revelle            

Barbara Simon Sartain    

Elizabeth Snowdon         

Robert H. Stockton         

Edwina Sutherland          

Debra Ann Terry             

Leanne Tough                

Amanda Trought            

Kristen Watts                

Jay Worling                   

Wendy C. Zumwalt        


Plus the following:

Donna May Brunet

Susan Cirigliano, CZT 9

Kari Deeble

Stephanie Melissa Dorsainvil

Liz Guthrie

G. Blaine Liddick III

Ming-Whe Liou

Deborah A. Pacé

Kim Pay

Kim Reitsma

Judith E. Strom

Vanessa Wieland

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