Zentangle Untangled Workbook Bonus Content

Keep calm and tangle on.

Zentangle Untangled workbook
In Zentangle Untangled, Kass Hall introduced you to the relaxing, innovative art of Zentangle. Now in The Zentangle Untangled Workbook, you’ll get enough Zentangle instruction and inspiration to last all year long.

Full of dozens of new tiles and four never-before seen tangles, this book will have you using Zentangle in ways you never dreamed. Create shapes, letterforms, borders, even Zendalas as you master each new tangle, all while reducing stress through the intentional act of creating repetitive patterns. Perfect for artists of all levels, this workbook will immerse you in a daily meditation of Zentangle.

To download bonus content including extra Zendala starters, pages of practice tiles and blank Zendala’s, enter your email address below.


About the Author:

Kass Hall is an Australian mixed-media artist and writer. She has worked in the arts fields in Australia and Canada, and has published articles in magazines and newspapers in various countries. Her first book, Zentangle Untangled was published by North Light Books in 2012. Visit Kass at her website, www.kasshall.com.

25 Responses to Zentangle Untangled Workbook Bonus Content

  1. karlene says:

    Hi I have just punched you book zentangle untangled workbook on my I-pad. I am trying to find where to download the workbook pages. I am just learning so I need all the help I can get.
    Thank you

    • joneam says:

      Hi Karlene,

      Just type your email address into the box above along with your state and country. When you hit submit it will automatically take you to a page with a link to click for the downloadable workbook pages.


  2. DoxieMomma says:

    I’ve let the download of the extra content and worksheets continue until it stopped on it’s own…took around 2 minutes and then displayed an error message that states that the download cannot be completed ”due to an internal webkit error”. When one orders a book, especially a workbook with practice sheets, there is a measure of trust that the downloadable content via links that is part of the price of the workbook will work.
    At this point I can see 3 ways this can go. 1. Fix your webkit internal error so I may download the practice sheets or send me all of the practice sheets and extras via snail mail or e-mail OR refund my money in full and I will re-order the workbook in print form. I am trusting that you will make good on this from your end. Thanks so much, Diane Emmons at PracticeCompassion@icloud.com.

    • Amy Jones says:

      Hi Diane,

      I just emailed the PDFs to you. We’re experiencing site-wide issues that we are working on getting fixed.


  3. Tracy123 says:

    Hi! The link is broken.

    • Amy Jones says:

      Hi Tracy,

      We’re having some website issues today and this past weekend. I just emailed the PDF to you.


  4. DoxieMomma says:

    Hi, DoxieMomma back to say that after I wrote about the problem with the link, Amy sent me a pdf of the content right away. If you read my original post you’ll probably gather that I expected the worse…well I’m back to say that I got the best…and took too long to get back here to let y’all know Amy is an HONEST person who actually cares that people get what they pay for. Thanks so much Amy. Please don’t be afraid to order and let her know if you have link problems. She’ll make it right!

  5. layla76 says:

    Hi there, i am having the same problem. Could you please send the files to my email?
    Thank you

    • Amy Jones says:

      Hi Layla76,

      I just sent you an email with the PDF. Let me know if you need anything else!


  6. fickletink says:

    I am having problems getting the practice sheets on my phone. Can you please email them to me? Than you. I love your work.

  7. kearley says:

    I got 5 pages but no worksheets. Must be still having the same problem? I do a lot of design work in WordPress if you need help…also would like to be able to get the worksheets.

    • Amy Jones says:

      Hi Kearley,

      I emailed the pages to you yesterday. Let me know if you didn’t get the email.


  8. Tas8198 says:

    Hi. I purchased the Kindle version of the workbook. When I attempt to retrieve workbook practice pages I am brought here to bonus content. Appears to be no way to save or print bonus content, but MORE IMPORTANTLY there are no workbook practice pages! I’m wondering why I spent good $ on a workbook that is pretty useless. HELP! Or refund. Tracy

  9. nukefam says:

    Hi Amy! I purchased the Kindle version and I’m not able to retrieve the practice pages. Thank you in advance for your help!


  10. AmyInAsheville says:

    To Amy Jones:

    Can you please send me a pdf file that has the worksheets for the Zentangle Untangled Workbook?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Amy Jones says:

    Hi AmyInAsheville,

    I just emailed the pages to you. Enjoy!


  12. Teddi9192 says:

    Love the book so far! Could you please email me the pdf’s? My ipad /kindle is giving me fits.

  13. Amy Jones says:

    Hi Teddi9192,

    I just emailed the PDF to you. Enjoy!


  14. JamieLynne says:

    everytime I get to each chaoter content link or search on thus site for it it makes me give my infofir every five pages! can it be sent as one pdf PLEASE! I OWN BOTH BOOKS STARTED A FEW YEARS AGO, LOVE THEM! PLEASE HELP!


  15. artistecathy says:

    Please email worksheets…the Kindle version link is still not working?

  16. megalibcat says:

    Are there more than 5 pages of worksheets in the bonus content? I just downloaded the book to my Kindle.

  17. xscully says:

    Hi, just checking, are the “Downloadable worksheet available” that’s listed in the kindle the “Bonus Worksheets”? I thought there were worksheets related to the practice projects?