Fun Times at Art Journaling Live 2!

In June 2015 a small group of us from Cloth Paper Scissors and went to The Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas for Art Journaling LIVE 2. What a fun event! More than 70 participants came to the event to spend the day art journaling with some of our favorite artists. The instructors, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Nathalie Kalbach, Mary Beth Shaw and Dina Wakley, brought some of their favorite techniques to share and tons of energy.

Art Journaling Live 2 setup and audienceWe had to create quite a setup to ensure that the participants could see the demonstrations and that we could capture the best shots for the recording.

Art Journaling Live 2 setup

The overhead camera captured everything that happened on the table and projected it on the screen for the live class. A front camera, a side camera, and a roaming camera caught everything from artist reactions, close-up details of art and fun audience shots to make sure the recording feels like you’re in the room (without the wild Texas temperature changes of 95 degrees outside and 60 degrees inside!).

Here’s a preview clip of the event to give you a sense of all the camera shots and the excitement in the room:

Our first artist of the jam-packed day was Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. Not only is Julie super-talented as an artist, she is hilarious! While teaching the group more than 24 lettering styles, she managed to work in fun stories about her time in theatre, her trouble with recreating accents, and her mom.

Julie Art Journaling Live 2

But Julie’s real message of the day was that it doesn’t take a lot of fancy art supplies to create fancy, personalized words in your journal.

Julie's Art Journaling Live 2 Kit

With just a few simple supplies and the willingness to explore you can do a lot!

Hand Lettering Art Journaling Live 2

Check out the download of Julie’s full class here.

Our second artist of the day was the fabulous and messy Dina Wakley! I had a great time throwing ink with Dina in one of her videos for, so I was excited to see she included a variation of that in her Random by Design class.

Dina Art Journaling Live 2

Dina’s kit for her class included some of her paints and stencils from her media line with Ranger.

Dina's Art Journaling Live 2 kit

Even though she included a brush in the kit, there was also finger painting!

Finger Painting Art Journaling Live 2

Check out the download of Dina’s class here.

Third in the line up was my new friend Nathalie Kalbach (she recently came to Cincinnati to film 4 videos with–look for those in Spring 2016!). Nat is a true “art journaling explorer” and it shows in the creative ways she uses her art supplies. If you’re on a budget and only have a few art supplies, this class will show you how to make each and every part of that supply or tool count.

Nathalie Art Journaling Live 2

With her kit of just a few colors of paint from Liquitex and a few basic tools, Nat shows you have a ton of options for making your own paint colors and creating cool backgrounds for your journal pages.

Nathalie Art Journaling Live 2 kit

Acrylic Painting Techniques Art Journaling Live 2

Catch all of Nat’s trick and tips with her full class download.

And last but certainly not least, Mary Beth Shaw demonstrated one of my new personal favorites when it comes to art journaling–The Abstracted Journal. Since the event, I’ve had too much fun adapting this technique from using acrylic paint like Mary Beth does, to using watercolor which is what I like to use. I’ve made some of my favorite journal pages using what I learned in this class!

Mary Beth Art Journaling Live 2

Mary Beth used a mix of the acrylic paints from Dina’s and Nathalie’s kits, but of course no kit of Mary Beth’s would be complete without stencils!

Mary Beth's Art Journaling Live 2 kit

Mary Beth uses stencils, double-sided tape, deli paper and paints to make personalized painted papers that you can work into selected areas of your abstract journal page.

Stenciling Art Journaling Live 2

Check out Mary Beth’s full class with the download.

I had never been to an art retreat before and even though I was officially working at this one, it was such a great day! It was so inspiring to see instructors with such different styles and students from different walks in life come together for the sole purpose of making art to express themselves. Just because the “live” day is over doesn’t mean you can’t join the group. Gather some of your friends and play one of the Art Journaling LIVE 2 classes. Allow yourself to be inspired by what you see in the videos, and by what you see in your friends around you. You won’t regret it!



All 4 classes in a 2-disc set.

All 4 classes as instant downloads.








ArtJournalingLive2_Dina  Download Dina Wakley’s class, Random by Design, here.








Download Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s class, Easy Lettering, here.






ArtJournalingLive2_Mary BethDownload Mary Beth Shaw’s class, The Abstracted Journal, here.






ArtJournalingLive2_NatDownload Nathalie Kalbach’s class, Tooling Around, here.

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